About us

Creative Athlete:

A creative, hardworking and dedicate athlete which excels in sport and leaving his legacy behind in this world.

Since 2015 we at Regashi try to motivate the Creative Athlese in our society by providing them with a complete lifestyle. Activities such as parties, competitions, event sponsorship and merchandise offerings are done to show the world the subculture of what we call the Creative Athlete. Especially in a world where there are many different subcultures created.


The portfolio.

With Regashi we strive to provide you as an (aspiring) athlete in your lifestyle, no matter what sport. Soccer, Breakdancer, Boxer, it doesn’t matter at Regashi. All that matters for us, is that you can work – as a motivated sportsman – towards a better you and own set goals to become the next Neymar, Neguin or Mike Tyson.

When you wear Regashi, you wear creativity, strength and indepence.

Since 2015.