Regashi x Partnerships

We can not do this on our own and need your help. Benefit together with us.



·         Regashi x Partnerships


·         Vision without action is just a dream


Like the short description said: we can not do this on our own. We are currently working on increasing our brand awareness in the community before we proceed to the next steps. One important part to create some awareness is too cooperate with you guys inside the community. Therefore this is a call to you the creative athlete: do you want to grow together with us? read the partnership page and let us you if we can get some mutual benefits!


Partners who are in the frontline:


Refaja: hard working dancer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Always thinking about new choreographies and what he is going to teach in his classes. Follow him on insta at @refaja


Manal: creative and hardworking. From Rotterdam the Netherlands she makes sure she keeps up her passion and is always looking good for her next gig! follow her on insta @manallofficial

Diiggy's: funny guy. got in touch with him through Manal and they are making a good duo!  make sure to follow him on insta: @diiggys

E.lanur_ and Kickboxworld: got contacted by @e.lanur_ on instagram. after having some discussions we started to set up the partnership! make sure you follow her/them at: @E.lanur_ and @kickboxworld.


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