Roadmap 2018

We want to take you with us on our journey becoming bigger and creating our own legacy for you to remember us by.



·         Regashi Roadmap 2018


·         (Break)dancing, Boxing and Soccer


As you might know we are working hard to establish our own legacy in the international community. To do so, we notice a lot of barriers but nothing that we can't overcome. With this blog we would like to give you some inside information about what we are planning to do by giving you 2 examples below:


1. Social media
Basic thing in the digital world, but still important. If you have the time follow us through our pages on Insta @regashient and @regashiworld, Facebook Regashi1987 and ofcourse through our blog.


2. Partnerships.

For us this would be the most important thing in order to get some brand awareness. We can’t do this on our own and we realize that. Regashi partnerships can be categorized in 2 categories: People and Entrepeneurs. The first is the individual who fits the profile at our Partnership section. The second one is the entrepeneur who is convinced that we do the right thing and want to support the legacy and benefit themselves.


So if you also think that we are not just a fashion brand but also an organization that goes deeper than the superficial look, don't forget to follow us or apply for a partnership!


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